Regulations governing the award

A number of regulations govern the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The award was founded in 2002 by the Swedish government, which formulated the regulations in an ordinance. The award is adminsistrated by the Swedish Arts Council which has defined the work in two regulations. The jury itself decides on the rules for nominating and their internal work.

The government sets the fundamentals
The government determined the fundamentals for the award in an ordinance issued on December 12, 2002. The ordinance is included in the Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS), Ordinance (2002:1091) for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. It contains instructions regarding who is eligible and what criteria the laureate must fulfill. The award sum is also stated. It states the need for a jury and an award office and outlines their functions.

The Swedish Arts Council decides on questions regarding jury, nominations and administration
Regulations regarding the jury, nominations and administration of the award can be found in regulations from the Swedish Arts Council, included in the council’s Code of Statutes (KRFS). The relevant section is Regulations (2003:1) on the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (later complemented with  2003:5). This states the number of jury members and competence required. The members’ mandate periods and the jury’s basic obligations are specified. The regulation also contains basic rules regarding the nomination process and responsibilites concerning administration etc. for the award office.

The Jury
The jury decides on the nominations and its internal work. It decides which bodies have the right to nominate, how many candidates they can suggest and in which categories each group may nominate. These regulations can be found in the nomination letter sent to the nomination bodies in January. This letter also states what information must be included with a nomination and the deadline for submissions.