Regulations on the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for Literature

Code of Statutes of the Swedish Arts Council
ISSN 0347-8548
KRFS 2003:1
No. 1
Published March, 21 2003
Adopted  February, 21 2003

With the support of § 7 of the Ordinance (2002:1091) on the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the Swedish Arts Council provides the following:

The Jury

Section 1

The jury for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award shall consist of twelve members. The jury shall possess a broad expertise in the fields of international literature for children and young adults, contributions to promoting reading and the rights of children.

Section 2

The members of the jury and their chairperson are appointed by the board of the Swedish Arts Council. Astrid Lindgren's relatives have the right to propose one member. The members are appointed for a period of office of four years, which may be extended by additional two four-year periods. When the jury is established for the first time, half of the members are to be appointed for an initial period of office of two years.

Section 3

The jury shall decide on nominations for the literary award and appoint the award laureate(s). The jury has the right to decide on its own regulations or corresponding administrative rules.

Section 4

When appointing members of the jury, the board shall take into consideration that the jury is to work independently and be independent of external interests and that the nature of the commission makes demands on the members for great integrity.

Section 5

A member who wishes to resign from the jury before the end of the period of office shall notify the board. The board decides on a replacement for the remaining part of the period of office.

Section 6

The jury has a quorum when at least eight members are present. When voting, each member has one vote.

Section 7

Compensation is paid for work as a member of the jury, the amount of which is to be decided upon by the Swedish Arts Council.


Section 8

The prize award be presented to one or more laureates who have been nominated by an approved nominator.

Section 9

The jury decides who shall have the right to nominate. The members of the jury shall have the right to nominate candidates. Applications cannot be submitted for the award.

Section 10

Nominators are to be invited each year to nominate candidates in writing for the award. The nominations are to be submitted to the Swedish Arts Council and must be received by 1 July 1 at the latest for the following year’s award. The jury has the right to leave belated nominations rejected.

Administration and finances

Section 11

A special award office for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award has been established at the Swedish Arts Council. The work of the office is to be led by a director.

Section 12

The award office is responsible for budgeting, planning, implementation, monotoring and reporting of the work with the award.

Section 13

Funds for the activity are provided by government appropriation (Funds are set aside under appropriation 28:9 Support to literature for establishment of a literary award and under appropriation 28:1 The Swedish Arts  Council for administration of the award).

These regulations came into force on 14 March 2003.

The Swedish Arts Council
Maj-Britt Theorin
Anna Cokorilo