Boxing, Men and the Web: New Strategies for Reading Promotion.

The importance of reading in the developement of children and young adults is agreed upon. But what are the best methods of encouraging reading?

The Tamer Institute shared experiences and strategies for reading promotion with some of the most experimental and cutting edge reading promotion projects in Sweden today. Other than the Tamerinstitute, the following projects participated in the discussion:

Läs för mig pappa (Read to me, Daddy)
The aim of the program is to encourage men who are members of the major Swedish workers union to read more books. Fathers who read are, for many children, the only male role model confirming that reading, books, and stories are part of a man’s world. This is important in relation to future generations, as the ability to express one self through words becomes more and more important. Self-expression is a prerequisite in defending one’s rights. 

Mohammad från Frostmofjället (alludes to a classic children’s story set in the north of Sweden)
Sweden is among the countries where reading (of fiction) differs the most between boys and girls.  In order to get boys to read, they need male role-models and also stories that appeal to boys. Mohammad från Frosmofjället targets boys, men, teachers and library personnel and discusses the male identity in different cultures, as it is portrayed in classical and contemporary culture.

Läskonster (Based on German project Lesart)
The project aims to develop new strategies for reading promotion, through collaborations across genres and art types. The intent is to create new ways of meeting books and stories, and involving the creativity and self-expression of children. The project wants to develop the role of the library in reading promotion and in a larger social context.