Johan Palmberg. Foto: Stefan Tell.

Johan Palmberg

Born 1990. Rights manager for Astrid Lindgren's works. Great-grandchild of Astrid Lindgren.

Johan Palmberg works in the family business Saltkråkan AB since 2009, where he handles film, music and theater-related issues as well as foreign sales of Astrid Lindgren's book rights. Johan Palmberg has graduated from Uppsala University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He has also been involved in the Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Villages project in the Central African Republic, a joint initiative by SOS Children’s Villages and Saltkråkan AB to provide orphaned children with a home where they can receive education and medical care.

He is much into music, and plays the piano in a bunch of different settings. In 2013, he released an EP with the title Pretend, under the name Johan Nyman och Kol- och stålunionen (Johan Nyman and the Coal and Steel Union).

Link to interview with Johan Palmberg here.