Katarina Kieri. Photo: Stefan Tell.

Katarina Kieri

Born 1965 in Luleå. Writer for children, young adults and adults.

Katarina Kieri’s body of work encompasses novels, poetry and short stories for children, young adults and adults. Initially she intended to write only poetry, but she later felt increasingly drawn to the prose medium.

She trained as a recreation teacher at the Luleå College of Education and worked in this profession for almost a decade. After taking a creative writing course at Medlefors Folk High School, she made her debut as an author in 1993 with a collection of poems, Slutet sällskap (Private Party). Since the early 2000s, she has devoted herself to writing full-time.

Katarina Kieri is an occasional newspaper and magazine columnist and radio broadcaster. She was involved in the Norrland Writers’ Association (Norrländska författarsällskapet/Författarcentrum Norr) in the 1990s and has worked as a writers’ publicist at both Författarcentrum Norr in Luleå and Författarcentrum Öst in Stockholm. She has also been a board member of both the Swedish Writers’ Union (Sveriges Författarförbund) and the Swedish Authors’ Fund (Sveriges författarfond). Since 2015 she is honorary doctor at Luleå University of Technology.

She has received various awards including the August Literary Award for her young adult novel Dansar Elias? Nej! (Does Elias Dance? No!), the Vi Magazine Literary Award and the Astrid Lindgren Prize. Her latest book, Jag heter Beata (My name is Beata) is published by Lilla Piratförlaget in 2018 and is a collaboration with illustrator Anna Sandler. 

She is married to Daniel, an art historian and gallery director, has two grown-up daughters, and lives in a flat in central Uppsala. She spends most of her time working, but when she is not at work she enjoys exercising, listening to the radio, reading books, going for walks pretending to have a dog.