Lena Kåreland. Photo: Stefan Tell

Lena Kåreland

Born 1940. Fil.dr. and Professor Em. at Uppsala University. Researcher and literary critic.

Lena Kåreland is Professor Emerita in Literature with a focus on didactics and literary theory. Her research is primarily in the sociological literature range and focuses mainly on children’s literature. The thesis on Gurli Linder’s children’s critique (Gurli Linders barnbokskritik , 1977) is an example of press historical research and part of the survey of the Swedish children’s book history. Another of Lena Kåreland's research fields is the study of picture books and young adult literature, and the interaction between children’s and adult literature, discussed in “Modernism in the nursery” (Modernismen i barnkammaren, 1999) and “No objects for festivity” (Inga gåbortsföremål, 2009).

Authors she has paid particular attention to are Lennart Hellsing in “A song for a better life” (En sång för att leva bättre, 2002), Tove Jansson in “Life’s Journey in three acts” (Livsvandring i tre akter, 1994), with Barbro Werkmäster, and George Sand in “To Love – that’s everything” (Att älska – det är allt, 2014). She has participated in various research projects examining children’s literature in schools, including gender perspectives and the role of fiction in teacher’s education.

Lena Kåreland has written some 15 books focusing on children and young adult literature and has published numerous articles and essays in Swedish magazines and books. She is a member of the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books’ scientific board for producing a work on the history of Swedish children’s and young adult literature. She also reviews Swedish and foreign children’s literature in the Swedish National newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

She was awarded by the Swedish Academy in 2011, received the Gulliver Award in 1998 and the Karin Westman Berg Scholarship in 2013.

Lena Kåreland lives in Uppsala, has three children and two grandchildren.