Lennart Eng

Lennart Eng

Born 1950 in Stockholm, Sweden. Illustrator, artist, graphic designer, teacher.

Lennart Eng has illustrated a large number of textbooks for various publishers, and has created illustrations for chapter books and non-fiction books. His works includes illustrations for texts by Hans Peterson, Kerstin Sundh, Sven Ingvar, Birgitta Gedin, Jostein Gaarder, Lasse Westman, Börje Isakson and Marie Rådbo. In recent years he has written and illustrated his own picture books such as Valdemar i världshavet (‘Valdemar on the Seven Seas’), about a whale called Valdemar.

Lennart Eng is also a lecturer in image, art and architectural history at the Ellen Key School in Spånga outside Stockholm. He has also worked as a designer on exhibitions such as Books are Bridges which presented Swedish children’s book illustrators to an international audience. He has carried out workshops with illustrators and children in various countries and continents.

Since 2006 Lennart Eng is chairman of the board of the Association of Swedish Illustrators. He is also member of the board of the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books since 2003, and of the Swedish Authors’ Fund since 2001.

In 1996 Lennart Eng received the Liber textbook award. In 2000 he won the Opal non-fiction book competition in 2000 with Myra (‘Ant’), and in 2003 he was nominated for an August Award for Valdemar i världshavet.