Maria Lassén-Seger. Photo: Stefan Tell

Maria Lassén-Seger

Born in 1967 in Jakobstad, Finland. PhD in comparative literature and languages at the Åbo Akademi University. Head of Unit, researcher, lecturer and critic.

Maria Lassén-Seger works as head of unit at the Faculty of Arts at the Åbo Akademi University. In addition to her library work, she is specialized in children’s and young adult literature. Her thesis, Adventures into Otherness: Child Metamorphs in Late Twentieth-Century Children’s Literature (2006), where she explores the conversion motif in English-language children’s literature, was written within the interdisciplinary children’s literature project Chilpa at the Åbo Akademi University.

She teaches, gives lectures and writes about children’s and young adult literature in both scientific and educational contexts. She is a critic of children’s literature at the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet, Opsis Barnkultur, and and has furthermore edited Till en evakuerad igelkott (2012), BY: Finnish illustrations for Children (2014) and Empowering transformations: Mrs Pepperpot revisited (2014).

Maria Lassén-Seger is a former board member of the Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature (2004-2012) and of Norchilnet, a Nordic Research Network focusing on children and reading (2001-2006). Today she is member of the editorial board for the periodical Children's Literature in Education and the book series Children's Literature, Culture, and Cognition. She also reviews non-fiction literature and serves as an expert associate for several scientific journals on children's literature. In 2010 she received the SFV Association's Hagfors medal for promoting Swedish culture and the Swedish language in Finland.

She lives with her husband Robert Seger, photographer, and her son in a wooden house in the middle of Åbo. When she's not home reading she likes to go for long walks.