Mats Kempe. Photo: Stefan Tell

Mats Kempe

Born 1966 in Stockholm. Author, librarian and culture journalist.

Mats Kempe has many years’ experience of reading promotion work and extensive knowledge of children’s and young adult literature worldwide. As a librarian he promotes translated fiction from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. He has worked with teachers and educators to devise study guides to various children’s books from around the world for use at preschool, comprehensive school and upper secondary school level.

Mats Kempe previously worked as a school librarian and a teacher of creative writing at two adult education colleges: Nordiska folkhögskolan in Kungälv and Wiks folkhögskola near Uppsala. He has also served as the international secretary of the Swedish Writers’ Union and as a children’s book critic for the Swedish daily newspapers Dagens Nyheter and Upsala Nya Tidning.

In 1996, Mats Kempe made his literary debut with Jag minns aldrig mina drömmar (“I Can Never Recall My Dreams”), a short-story collection. He has since published several novels. His most recent collection of short stories is Det jag redan minns (“What I Already Remember”, Norstedts 2014). In 2012, Mats Kempe was awarded the Ludvig Nordström literary prize.

He lives with his wife, the writer Kristina Sandberg, their two daughters and the cats Strössel and Solsken in a house south of Stockholm. He enjoys spending his free time in the garden or in the nearby Tyresta national park.

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