Stefan Casta

Stefan Casta

Born 1949 in Vadstena, Sweden. Author.

Stefan Casta is a full-time author who writes novels for young people, children's books and non-fiction both for children and adults. Stefan Casta has worked as a radio and television producer, and has made news and sport programmes plus a number of films about the Swedish countryside. He has also written nature columns in a number of newspapers and magazines. He lives in the southern Swedish province of Skåne on a small farm outside Veberöd, situated between Lund and Ystad.

He has published over sixty books, some of which have been translated into French, Russian, English and German. Nature is an important theme in many of these works. His latest books are Stan är full av djur ("The city is full of animals"), Sofis naturbok ("Sofi's nature book") and Kan inte sova, mämmä! ("Can not sleep, Mummy!") all published in 2016.

Earlier, Stefan Casta worked at the Swedish Authors' Fund, where he was the chairman of one of its sub committees, and in the Swedish Arts Council’s working group for the allocation of funding for literature for children and young people. He has been a member of the Swedish Library Service and of the Swedish Academy of Children's Books. He teaches and supervises at Lund University Writers' school.

Stefan Casta has received a number of awards and distinctions, including the 1999 August Award, the 2000 Nils Holgersson Plaque for Play Dead (Spelar död), the 2001 Silver Feather for Summer with Mary-Lou (Fallet Mary-Lou) and Rabén & Sjögren's 2002 Astrid Lindgren Prize. In 2006 the Swedish Academy presented him with the Ilona Kohrtz Award for services to literature. In 2011 he was presented to the Swedish National Radio’s prize, the Children’s Literature Award, for Den gröna cirkeln (“The green circle”), and in 2013 he received the Carl von Linné Plaque for the best non-fiction book for children, Humlans herbarium ("Herbarium of the Bumble Bee").