The jury guidelines

The jury decided on the following guidelines December 2003:

The jury

There are 12 members of the jury. The members including the chairperson are appointed by the board of the Swedsih Arts Council.

Areas of responsibility
The jury examines and approves nominations for the award and selects the laureate(s).

The list of nominating bodies is reviewed annually and is to be ratified at least six months before the nominating period expires.


The jury has the right to make its own nominations. Members of the jury can suggest candidates and if approved by other members of the jury, the suggested candidate is included in the list of nominated candidates.


The jury decides on rules for the nominating bodies and its own nominations.


The jury ratifies a publicly available list of all nominations, including its own.


The jury reviews all nominations, makes selections and distributes tasks among themselves.


The jury decides its own committee meetings as well as the number and frequency of the meetings.


The laureate

The jury selects one or several laureates of the award.


Invitations to board meetings

After consulting the director of the award office, the chairperson sends a written invitation for a jury meeting at least one week in advance. The agenda and additional information are included in the invitation. The jury members may also call a meeting. If at least four members request a meeting, the director will call a meeting within one month.



Members unable to attend a meeting in person may participate on telephone or another suitable method.



The jury can issue a binding decision only when at least eight members are present. Each member has one vote. Provisions of the administration laws (1986:223), paragraphs 11 and 12 on conflicts of interest and paragraph 18 on voting, are valid for the jury when applicable.



The chairperson chairs the meetings. When the chairperson is absent the members in attendance choose a temporary chairperson for that specific meeting. The meeting can call for attendance of employees from the award office or other employees at the Swedish Arts Council. Employees attending the meeting have the right to be heard but may not take part in any decisions. The minutes from the meetings are adjusted by a jury member designated.