"I’m still in a shock and will be for some time."

Wolf Erlbruch's comment after being notified of him being the 2017 ALMA laureate and about the time afterwards.

The phone call from the jury:

Wolf Erlbruch's comment after the announcement:
“Oh Astrid I love you! She didn’t know me but I knew her for a long time through her books, which I love for her humour and sharpness. It’s everybody’s humour, it’s the kind of humour everyone can appreciate. I never believed I would receive this award but now I know it is true. I’m still in a shock and will be for some time. But it’s wonderful!” says Wolf Erlbruch in a comment to the ALMA-office.

Wolf Erlbruch about the time after the announcement:

You got a lot of attention after the announcemnet and during the wward week in Sweden. How was it to be in the spotlight?
WE: "Yes, it felt like enough attention for a life time."

You have been awarded a number of great literary prizes. What does it mean to you?
WE: "It is absolutely wonderful - for a second."

Many children and young people like to draw. Do you have anything to say to young aspiring illustrators?
WE: "Never touch books on illustration!"