"My job is one of the most honorable on this planet"

Normally by this time, we would have invited Baek Heena to Sweden. Waiting for her to be able to come, we asked her to send us this video greeting where she puts words on what it means for her to receive the 2020 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

"Thank you very much for selecting me as the 2020 ALMA.

It took such a long time for to shoot this short greeting video because I was searching for the right words to describe how I am feeling about receiving this honorable award. But I failed. Because this award means so much to me.

I can’t say that I was a very happy person before, because was the journey to become a children’s bookmaker wasn’t very easy for me. I was in a dark cave when I got the phone call from the jury. I knew there was sunlight outside but I thought that it wasn’t for me. And I couldn’t even go out.

But after that phone call I believe again that there is sunlight outside and maybe I can also appreciate it. I am taking a little break now and I am sure that I can revive after this break. And walk like children: who feel no pressure, no self-consciousness and just have fun with their work.

So thank you so much! 

And one more thing, I know that this award was given by the Swedish people to honor the great children’s book maker Astrid Lindgren. And to emphasize the importance of children’s literature and to motivate the person's s who work with children’s literature. That is something that I needed because I believe that my job is one of the most honorable jobs on this planet and a very important thing, but sometimes I feel that it is only me who thinks that way.

But after I received this award I feel that I was compensated everything that I went through. So literally this award saved one poor children’s book maker on this planet. I promise I will work even harder and mostly have fun. Yeah, I think I can have fun from now on. And be a happy children’s book maker.

Thank you so much. I love you. Bye bye."