Name: Tamer Institute for Community Education
What: Reading promotion organisation
Where: In the West Bank and in Gaza
Founded: 1989

Core values: The Tamer Institute works on the basis of four core values: 1) Employing the resources inherent in the population. 2) Knowledge and education are the most important building blocks for society. 3) Young people are an important force in the construction and development of society. 4) Small groups and local rooting are important. The initiative for change must come from those concerned.

Vision: The Tamer Institute works for a Palestine in which children and young people can develop their knowledge and skills in a safe, democratic environment and thus realise their dreams. The Institute’s vision is good education for all, access to information, freedom of expression and a situation in which children and young people feel valued and heard. Its dream is a Palestine in which children and young people can play, learn and develop together, sharing ideas and experiences and expressing themselves artistically in writing, dialogue and art.

Activities: Reading promotion work in the form of writing workshops, storytelling and drama classes, reading campaigns, publication of children’s literature, training of librarians and publication of a newspaper with young people’s own stories, reflections and texts.

Publishing: Since 1993, when the Tamer Institute began publishing books, over 130 titles have been published.

Works with: Diakonia - Sweden, Anna Lindh Foundation - Sweden, Consulate General of Belgium - Jerusalem, Belgian Technical Cooperation - Jerusalem, Book Aid International - UK, British Council, CC NGO/EFA, Frankfurt Book Fair, French Consulate, French Cultural Center, Goethe Institute, Heinrich Böll Foundation, IBBY, Welfare Association, Arab Fund of Arts and Culture, Consulate General of Sweden/SIDA, Riwaq center for Architectural conversation, Bologna Book Fair, Movement for Peace MPDL, Spanish Agency for international development AECI, Save the children - UK, UNESCO, UNICEF, Children’s Literature Committee.