Online nomination

Information to nominating bodies: please read the nomination instructions thoroughly before submitting the nomination.


Nomination Regulations and Forms

The nomination regulations are appointed by the jury and presented in a letter to all nominating bodies. The nomination deadline for the 2020 award was in May and the list of the candidates was presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

The award

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is an international award for children's and young adult literature. The award was established by the Swedish government in 2002.

It is presented annually to one or more laureates irrespective of language or nationality to writers, illustrators, storytellers or reading promoters.

The aim of the award is to strengthen and increase interest in literature for children and young adult all over the world. Children's rights globally is the foundation of our work.

The nominating bodies

Each year the jury appoints nominating bodies from all over the world to propose candidates for the award. These organisations and institutions must have broad and deep knowledge about authors, illustrators, storytellers and/or reading promotion activities in their respective countries or regions. The aim is to obtain a global overview of literature for children and young adults of the highest artistic quality.

The list of nominating bodies is reviewed annually by the jury. A list of the nominating bodies invited to submit candidates for the 2020 award can be viewed here.


Who is entitled to submit nominations?

Only nominating bodies approved by the jury, previous laureates and the jury are entitled to propose candidates. Nominating bodies may not nominate themselves, their own projects or a project where the nominating body is a co-organiser.

Who is eligible for nominations?

Nominating bodies may propose authors/illustrators/storytellers whose work for children and young adults is of the highest artistic quality characterised by the humanistic values that Astrid Lindgren treasured. They may also nominate persons, organisations or institutions working with reading promotion for children and young adults. The award is for the entire body of work, not an individual piece. The award cannot be given posthumously.

How many candidates can be nominated?

Each nominating body is entitled to nominate a maximum of four candidates:

 • A maximum of two candidates in the category of writing/illustrating/storytelling/promotion of reading from the nominating body’s own country.
• A maximum of two candidates in the category of writing/illustrating/storytelling/promotion of reading from a different country.

What should a valid nomination contain?

The nomination form must be completed. The documents to accompany a valid nomination are specified in the nomination form.

For how long is a nomination valid?

A nomination is valid for the year in question. In case of a re-nomination, it is sufficient to submit the first page of the nomination form with the name of the re-nominated candidate and information that relates to new works or any other new relevant information.

How are candidates assessed?

All candidates are treated equally, regardless of language, nationality, nominating body or number of nominations.

How should the nomination be sent?

Nomination materials may be submitted through our online nomination form, by e-mail or by regular mail (se below).

What language can be used?

Information on the nomination process is available in English and Swedish. The nomination form must be submitted in one of these two languages.

Deadline for nominations

Nominations must reach the Swedish Arts Council by May 15. The jury reserves the right to reject nominations arriving after this date, incomplete nominations or nominations otherwise invalid according to the nomination rules.


Nominations may be submitted either online, by e-mail or by regular mail to:

Swedish Arts Council
Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Office
Att. Nomination
P.O. Box 27215 Borgvägen 1–5
SE-102 53 Stockholm, Sweden