Några korta frågor till Isol

ALMA-kansliet passade på att ställa några korta frågor till Isol innan hon reste till illustratörsmässan Festilus i Chile.

Almost three months since the award week in Stockholm took place, what’s your most lasting memory from the award week, when you look back?

The day of the ceremony was a highly magic moment for me, like living in an incredible dream, my face wasn’t big enough for my smile, this is surely the highest milestone in my career as an illustrator.  It was unbelievable to get such reward for my books and see so much passion for the sort of literature I too go crazy about. There was something like love-filed in the air! I think that’s why I dared to sing for the audience. Another unforgettable highlight was being in Astrid Lindgren’s house in Vimmerby and feeling part of a path in common. It was absolutely touching to feel her gaze on things and to be with her family, I feel I got the chance to learn a lot from that.

You´ve recently participated in Buenos Aires Children’s Book Fair. How has the rest of your summer been like? Have you had the chance to some rest and summer holiday?

Ha-ha, to tell you the truth, we’re in full Winter in Argentina, so my holidays will have to wait until the end of the year! Everything has been quite hectic but -even though I may be a little exhausted- I keep enjoying the moment. I am on my way to Chile right now, where I shall be opening an exhibition of drawings especially made for this occasion, and I also shall be exhibiting some originals from different books and giving a few workshops and lectures. So I’ve been preparing all this trip and giving lots of interviews as well. In my little free time I try to take it easy going for walks with my husband and our baby, we’ve been spending some time at the countryside for instance. 

When will your next book be released?

Well, I must finish it first! I hope it’ll be ready by the beginning of next year, and maybe it’ll be printed by the middle of the year. 

You have earlier said that the theme is about babies. Can you reveal anything about the story?

It’s the oldest story in the world, but the newest one for me, and this is how I’m telling it, from this marveled and dazzled strangeness.

What are your plans for the next months?

I intend to go to Gothenburg by the end of September, but before that I still must make two short trips within Argentina.  So I shall be preparing this, and hopefully finishing the new CD release of my band SIMA, I’m looking forward to that moment when I can sit down to compose some music. I hope I get to get back to my new book and polish some details until it really looks the way I want it.