Arham Al-Dames tacktal

Your highness, Crown Princess Victoria, Jury Members of ALMA, honorable guests and audience.

With great appreciation and pleasure we received the heart warming news that Tamer Institute for Community Education is awarded the 2009 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award; the highest award for child literature in the world.

This valuable recognition could not have come at a better timing given the tremendous sufferings of our Palestinian children and the great violations of their basic rights.

The ALMA award is the best moral and material gift for our stressed children. This award is asserting that reading is one of the best healers of the scars of Palestinian children and a dear companion for every child to enrich his/her knowledge and imagination.

The efforts of ourselves and all of the people we have worked with for the children of Palestine will continue. We will keep on publishing and translating good books, and to promote reading everywhere in spite of difficulties. Astrid Lindgren once said, “I want to write for readers who can create miracles. Only children create miracles when they read.” 

In Palestine, we pledge to keep our Palestinian children and their creativity at the heart of our society. For twenty years we have been striving to do just this, along with the help of many other dedicated people working for children’s literature and respect for their rights.

Just as Astrid Lindgren’s spirit embodied children’s rights; we too promise to keep this at the forefront of our efforts.  In this, we hope, to help our children to be strong, creative and to have hope in a better future.

We deeply appreciate the great international role of ALMA as a vital catalyst to promote children’s books and child rights. We wish you continuous success in this valuable mission.

Thank you for your hospitality and for making it possible for us to come to this beautiful country and receive this valuable award.

Thank You

Arham Al-Damen
Chairperson Tamer Institute for Community Education
Stockholm Concert Hall June 2 2009